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corvex® air 1

Premium UV-C air purifier
eliminates infectious aerosols
in occupied rooms.

Exklusive and functional design.

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corvex® air 1, the mobile premium UV-C air purifier, combines minimalist exclusive design with scientifically proven UV-C technology to kill viruses and bacteria. The corvex® air 1 provides unobtrusive additional safety without any follow-up costs for you, your employees and your customers in your private rooms and office/business premises, by sterilising the aerosols right where they occur.
The requirements of function and economy are equally convincing.


Areas of application.
Our customers.

We spend most of our lives inside.
The areas of application are almost unlimited.
corvex® air 1 is the ideal mobile protection solution for all private rooms and business premises where a number of people are to be found at any one time or where groups of people alternate.
You too can take control of the air quality in your rooms by disinfecting the air.

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Healthcare sector

Doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, ophthalmologists, dentists, dermatologists, alternative practitioners, health authorities, laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, therapists, speech therapists, nursing and retirement homes, treatment rooms, dialysis centres, veterinarians ...

Hospitality sector, hotels, culture

Restaurants, bars, kitchens, hotel rooms, fitness areas, dining rooms, spa areas, solariums, toilets, sushi lounges, AirBnB apartments, cinemas, theatres, boarding schools, galleries, clubs, bistros, canteens, holiday apartments, guest houses, cafeterias, refectories, après ski chalets, inns, pubs, museums, exhibitions, delivery services, shisha lounges, cultural institutions ...

Service providers

Fitness studios, cosmetic studios, tax consultants, nursery schools, schools, staffrooms, music schools, ballet schools, car dealerships, car rentals, motorcycle dealers, bicycle retailers, libraries, law firms, notaries, banks, engineering offices, ministries, personnel offices, public authorities, job centres, architects' offices, hairdressing salons, post offices, photographic studios, insurance offices, massage parlours, handicraft businesses, travel agencies, estate agents, workshops, nail bars, tattoo studios, pedicurists, yoga studios, dance schools, driving schools, gambling arcades ...

Risk groups

The elderly, allergy sufferers, people with lung disease, cancer patients, chemotherapy patients, diabetes sufferers, people with heart disease, people with high blood pressure, asthma sufferers, bronchitis sufferers, smokers, people with a weak immune system, people with a neurological disorder (strokes, cerebral haemorrhages, craniocerebral trauma, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, epilepsy, headaches and migraines, polyneuropathy, brain tumours) ...


Bakeries, chemist's shops, jewellers, opticians, boutiques, petrol stations, clothes shops, changing rooms, perfumeries, specialist shops, toy shops, furniture stores, butchers ...


Private households (living room, children's room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom), offices, trade fairs, meeting rooms, ambulance stations, reception areas, waiting rooms, changing rooms, halls of residence, caravans, boats, yachts and other much frequented places.

Air purification in style.

The German Federal Government recommends air purifiers.
For official findings and warnings about the Coronavirus, we recommend the following pages:

Aerosols in indoor air.
The greatest danger.

Fight against the Coronavirus.
There is a huge risk of infection via virus clouds.
It has been scientifically proven that the Coronavirus is transmitted principally via aerosols
corvex® air 1 eliminates infectious aerosols.
Protect yourself, your family, your friends, staff, customers and guests.
Reduce sick leave in the company.
 corvex® air 1. The virus killer.

Breathe safely. Healthy air.

Every day.


Approved by virologists.
For SARS-CoV-2, an inactivation rate of up to 99,99%, when using UV-C light, was detected on surfaces in the laboratory.

Federal Office for Radiation Protection:
UV-C radiation is, in principle, able to kill bacteria and viruses. Well-known areas of application for UV-C radiation are surface disinfection, purification of air in a room or water treatment.

Federal Environment Agency:
“In principle, UV-C radiation is able to inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Mobile devices with UV-C technology have the advantage over those with HEPA filtration that they usually generate less noise during operation."

Consumer advice centre:
UV-C light, i.e. high-energy, ultraviolet radiation, is, in principle, able to render viruses harmless."

Prof. Herbert Plischke / University of Munich:
The medical expert and electrical engineer from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mechatronics tested the UV-C light disinfection technology with his research team and came to the following conclusion: "The devices with UV-C light can kill up to 99.9% of Coronavirus."

Dr. Gerhard Scheuch / physicist and aerosol expert:
He is considered the German "aerosol pope" and has a clear opinion: "Air purifiers can significantly reduce the concentration of particles and viruses in indoor air. The interiors are 99.9% of the problem. We need more air purifiers."

Prof. Dr. Gregor Luthe / chemist, toxicologist and nanotechnologist:
"Classic HEPA filters have been on the market for decades, but they cannot efficiently remove the smallest particles such as viruses, ultra-fine dust and tiny pathogens from the air."

Product information & quality features
  • The air purification of the future. Corvex Air 1 does not collect viruses, it inactivates them. Filtering was yesterday. Corvex Air 1 is today.
  • The long-term solution even in the time after Coronavirus and when a vaccine is available. Works against all virus mutations. Continuously.
  • In a world of excess and mass production, quality and design are crucial factors.
  • Professional, reliable, chemical-free, environmentally friendly air disinfection, recommended for rooms of up to 50 m². Use multiple corvex air 1 air purifiers for larger rooms.
  • CE certification according to Directive 2014/35/EU of the European Parliament
  • No ozone formation
  • Photolytic effect and destruction of viral DNA
  • Quiet, switchable operating sound
  • Draft-free air outlet through specially-designed corvex air diffuser
  • High-quality manufacturing technology using high-quality stainless steel
  • Product aesthetics: Modern, mobile and durable design
  • Designed for 24 safe hours of continuous operation
  • Fast start-up without assembly
  • Small footprint and portable
  • Stable stand thanks to solid, stainless steel housing
  • Inexpensive without additional or follow-up costs (no expensive HEPA filters)
  • Safe for people and animals in the room
  • Activated carbon filter, UV-C irradiated and washable
  • Sustainable and durable
  • Stainless steel housing in two finishes/colours (matt white powder-coated or brushed stainless steel and painted)
  • Meets all safety standards for UV radiation
  • Every device is given a functional test before delivery
  • Energy costs for 8 hours daily operation, approx. € 1.55 per month
  • 24 months manufacturer's guarantee, except for UV-C lamp
  • Safety and tested quality of Made in Germany

Two disinfection levels

I   Smart mode:
26.000 litres / hour
Tidal volume of 55 people

II   Power mode:
39.000 litres / hour

Tidal volume of 83 people

For comparison:
The average tidal volume
of a human being is 468 litres / hour

Effective, chemical-free, ozone-free and environmentally friendly air disinfection with UV-C light and without expensive Hepa filters.

Our corvex® air 1 is the air disinfection system for the permanent and unequivocal inactivation of microorganisms. Air convection and a powerful, quiet and switchable fan [smart mode 29 dB(A)/power mode 38 dB(A)] inside the housing ensure a constant flow of air through the disinfection system. The air passes the UV-C low pressure lamp and goes through an irradiated, washable activated carbon filter.
The corvex® air 1 consists of 77 individual parts.

It is crucial that the turning of the fan swirls the air particles and aerosols within the housing and directs them past the highly effective UV-C lamp, so that there is very high radiation density.
 Since the germicidal chamber is made of shiny stainless steel, the disinfecting effect of the lamp is enhanced by surface reflections and the radiation intensity is greatly increased. Aerosols in the air are thus reduced significantly in the room within a very short space of time.

The very high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction. The wavelength of 254 nm is absorbed by the cell nucleic acids and leads to the inactivation of the DNA of microorganisms such as viruses (e.g. COVID-19, including all mutations, and influenza), bacteria and fungal spores. For SARS-CoV-2, an inactivation rate of up to 99.99%, when using UV-C light, was detected on surfaces in the laboratory.

With the corvex® air 1, design meets function. The UV-C air purifier fits very well in any private room or business premises due to the appealing aesthetic of the product. The high-quality stainless steel housing prevents harmful UV radiation from escaping. Moreover, no ozone is generated. This means that the corvex air 1 can be used without hesitation in rooms containing people and animals.

The corvex® air 1 is available as a plug & play disinfection device with three feet (locking screws) for a standing position or with a wall bracket (accessories). The air purifier is simply switched on and off at the push of a button. The UV-C lamp has a long service life of up to 9,000 operating hours and can be easily replaced without tools by unscrewing the three locking screws.


          IMPORTANTE NOTE:          
Of course, corvex® air 1 cannot offer any protection against particles generated by speech, coughing, sneezing or against smear infection. In order to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, it is necessary to jointly implement important infection protection measures. Central to this is the Hands-Face-Space formula i.e. observing hand hygiene, wearing an everyday mask (mouth and nose cover) and keeping your distance from other people. At colder times of year, when we spend more time in closed rooms, ventilation becomes more andmore important and it is important to adhere to the HFS + V formula.
corvex air 1 reduces the infectious aerosols in the room and thus prevents an increasing threat of infection. It is not possible to completely disinfect the air in the room, but it is possible to significantly reduce the number of germs


corvex® air 1   An investment in your health.
Buy or rent.
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FAQ. Frequently asked Questions.

The most important questions about corvex air, coronaviruses, air purifiers and UV-C. If you have further questions, please contact us via the chat or the contact form.

For what size of room is corvex® air 1 suitable?

Recommended for rooms up to 50 m². Use multiple corvex air 1 air purifiers for larger rooms.

However, the size of the room is not the most important thing. More important is the number of people present, how long they are there for, whether they are speaking and, of course, whether they are sitting or moving around, the ventilation situation, humidity and many other factors. A small room is generally more risky than a large one, as the aerosol density and thus the threat of the virus increase faster. Take a shot glass and a large water glass, both filled with water. Now put a drop of ink in each one. The small glass will change colour a lot, the large glass less so. It is the same with an accumulation of aerosols in the air in a room and thus with the increased threat of the virus. The most dangerous spaces imaginable are lifts and public toilets. To prevent contaminated air from being swirled around, corvex air 1is deliberately designed to avoid generating a strong current of air . corvex air 1 purifies the air around it, even in larger rooms. A person has a tidal volume of approx. 468 litres per hour. Our corvex air 1 with power fan purifies approx. 26,000 litres of air volume (tidal volume of 55 people) per hour in smart mode and approx. 39,000 litres in power mode. Air volume (tidal volume of 83 people) (performance determined using an anemometer measurement).

Which air purification techniques/methods are suitable for combating SARS-CoV-2?

Mobile UV-C air purifiers are one of the most effective methods of disinfection. In addition, these generate the lowest operating costs of all air purification technologies. 

Air purifiers with an effective HEPA filter (class 14) are also suitable. Unfortunately, the very expensive HEPA filter has to be renewed/replaced every 4-6 months. If that isn't done, the worst case scenario is that you end up with a virus spreader. HEPA filter – a dangerous breeding ground for viruses and bacteria!

Air purifiers that work on the basis of electrostatic precipitators, cold plasma, ozonisation, ionisation or the spraying of disinfectants should be rejected, according to the updated recommendations of the BGN professional association.

How does UV-C light destroy viruses, bacteria and germs?

UV-C light destroys the molecular components such as DNA. This causes the (micro-) organism to die. Due to their disinfecting properties, one of the uses of UV-C lamps is to sterilise surgical instruments.


As early as 200 BC, it was known that drinking water could be sterilised using sunlight. In 1878, the English researchers Arthur Downes and Thomas P. Blunt discovered that microorganisms did not continue to multiply under stronger sunlight, especially when the UV-C radiation was between 250 and 270 nm. Today, the germicidal effect of UV-C radiation is used throughout the world to sterilise air, surfaces and water in an environmentally friendly way.
UV-C light is a proven technology in the field of combatting all viruses (including coronavirus and influenza), bacteria, mould, yeast and algae, and has been used for more than 60 years in water treatment, the food production industry and in hospitals. Conventional cleaning methods are often insufficient to guarantee the high level of hygiene that is achieved through the use of UV-C technology.



corvex air 1. The virus killer.
UV-C light reliably kills all microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and germs. Ultraviolet radiation is an electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. In terms of energy density, a distinction is made between long-wave UV-A radiation (400 nm – 315 nm), medium-wave UV-B radiation (315 nm – 280 nm) and short-wave UV-C radiation (<280 nm). The impact that destroys the DNA and RNA in the cell nucleus of microorganisms occurs at exactly 253.7 nm, because at this wavelength the chains are broken and the germs rendered harmless.


Press reports about aerosols, corona, the effectiveness of UV-C light and devices

The effectiveness of UV-C against viruses is reported in many reputable media.

corvex® air 1   An Investment in your health.
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